How to click on an "unnamed" image?

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How to click on an "unnamed" image?

José Román | Idiria S.L.

I am new to HTMLUnit (read about it but just starting with a hands-on). I have a web page with a form whose "next" button is a simple input image without name nor id:

<input src="" alt="SIGUIENTE" type="image">

The form head is as follows:

<form action="/lugar/" method="PUT" onsubmit="return validaFormulario()" id="frmStep2" name="frmStep2">

And the validation JavaScript is:

var _localidadObligatoria = true;
var _skipValidation = false;

function validaFormulario() {
  if (_skipValidation == true)
    return true;
  if ((document.getElementById('p').value == "df") || (_localidadObligatoria && document.getElementById("l").value == '')) {
    alert('Rellene los campos necesarios marcados con asterisco.');
    return false;

  return true;

I have tried different proposals as this one which showed promising:

HtmlUnit, how to post form without clicking submit button?

But when I click on the newly created fake button I only go back to the same page.

Can someone me explain the login behind correctly submitting this form based on HTMLUnit/HTM/Javascript perspective?

Thanks in advance,



José Román Bilbao Castro

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